Community Memories: Juanita Godfrey, Dr. Thomas Viviano, and Heidi Thomas

Photo by Albert Herrmann Jr./The Post-Gazette

Photo by Albert Herrmann Jr./The Post-Gazette

I have fond memories of Gladstone, as a matter of fact I was in the last high school graduating  class before it was turned into a middle  school.

Gladstone was a fun school. It was a place where friendships were made. It was great to have a school in the neighborhood. Back then, no matter what the weather was like you still went to school and you walked. There was health class, gym class, swimming, and other activities to keep you healthy and active. There was wood shop  where students could go to learn how to use their hands. I was in the sewing class and made a red gown and was asked by my teacher to go on the Joe Negri show. Now that I look back at it, that school had everything that students needed. Of course there were your usual  academic classes, but the point I'm trying to make is there was something for everyone. 

- Juanita Godfrey

We lived at 4647 Sylvan Avenue and walked to school every day, came home for lunch, and went back in the afternoon. I loved the bridge joining the two buildings and the long steps leading to Sylvan Ave. So happy this is being looked at.

- Dr. Thomas Viviano

Thinking about Gladstone School brings back many awesome memories. From running Cross-country to playing Basketball. From making new friends to learning more about the old ones. Attending the #Happy_Rock in the neighborhood that I belong to holds dear to my heart.

- Heidi Thomas

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